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Boxenstop Car- and Toymuseum

Boxenstop was founded in 1985. It is one of the oldest private car museums in Germany and as well one of the best. The atmosphere and the mixture which makes a museum an extraordinary museum are present everywhere in the Boxenstop cars and toys museum.

When Boxenstop first opened, the museum was only 200 sqm. In order to accommodate our growing collection, the museum has expanded to approximately 900 sqm.

Our exhibits include over 70 cars in addition to motorcycles, bikes and more than 1,000 toys.  All of the exhibits are in top condition. Museum creators Rainer and Ute Klink wanted to include more than just the ancient vehicles and toys.

All visitors, no matter how young or old, woman or man, should feel at home and comfortable here in our museum. We want to refresh memories of childhood or explain and show them to the next generation. We want them to feel the love and spirit we have in collecting and presenting our treasures.“

Not only Las Vegas, but also Boxenstop offers "Blitz-Weddings"

Trains, cars, ships, airplanes, steam engines, dolls, toys

A wonderful Märklin setting and trains from the sixties are just one of  many highlights which inspire not only collectors but everyone. Original packaging and enamel plates create a contemporary ambiance. 

We encourage our visitors to touch all of the items in our exhibits. The Boxenstop museum does not have barriers to keep visitors away from our collection. We want our visitors to enjoy every part undisturbed.

Words can't possibly describe what Boxenstop has to offer and we hope you will come and discover the museum for yourself. We look forward to your visit!

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