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Data confidentiality statement

Boxenstop Auto-und Spielzeugmuseum
Boxenstop-Erlebnis-Company GmbH
KM-Reisen GmbH
valid from Oct. 16 2011 (Version 1.0)

The Boxenstop Cars and Toy Museum, KM-Reisen GmbH, as well as the Boxenstop Erlebnis-Company GmbH (hereinafter referred to as uniform Boxenstop) take the protection of your personal data very seriously. The collection, processing and use of personal data that is collected when you visit our online presence is done under strict compliance with the applicable data protection regulations of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Hereafter we explain how we handle the data collected or generated when using the  Boxenstop
services. But first, the most important thing, briefly:

Boxenstop is very careful with your personal data. As long as you do not agree at specified points explicitly, these data are used exclusively for the operation of our online services and the services contained therein.

Transparency is important to us - so we will now explain in detail below, which data are saved during your visit on our website and how they will be used:


  1.     Terms of the Privacy rules
  2.     Data collection, processing and - use with access over the Internet
  3.     Collection, processing and use of personal data in the contractual relationship
  4.    "Freundeskreis" - Friends of Boxenstop
  5.     Security
  6.     Cookies
  7.     Right to Information, Contacts
  8.     Changes to Privacy Policy

1. Terms of the Privacy rules

Boxenstop uses
the following terms in this Privacy Policy :

  • The german "Bundesdatenschutzgesetz (BDSG)" applies between user and Boxenstop. It defines particularly the admissibility of collection, processing and use of personal data.
  • According to the legal definition in §3 of the a.m. BDSG Personal data are details about personal or material circumstances of an assigned or unassigned  natural person.
  • The offered services which for some parts require a registration are called Boxenstop services.
  • IP addresses are used to transport data from the sender to the destined recipient. Similar to the mailing address on an envelope, data packets are provided with an IP address that uniquely identifies the recipient.
  • Cookies are data that the browser of a user stores on the hard disk of the user's computer on behalf of a specific site. This usually serves to recognize those computers at the next visit on the site. This allows a more comfortable and more user-friendly visit on the website. Additionaly cookies may be necessary to enable to use Boxenstop services.

2.  Data collection and - processing with access over the Internet

Any access to Boxentsop services on the Internet is logged in the normal range and temporarily stored. The following data is saved until its automatic deletion after a period of a maximum of six months:

  •     IP address of the requesting computer
  •     Timestamp of the access
  •     Name and path of the file, the result of the transfer
  •     Volume of data transmitted
  •     Statistical data on the browser and operating system (browser type, screen resolution, operating system, etc.)
  •     Site from which access is coming ("Referrer")
  •     Name of the computer through which your Internet connection is established (dial-up ISP server / proxy)

The processing of such data is done for the purpose to enable the use of Boxenstop services (call setup, data retrieval), system security, for technical administration and for optimizing the Boxenstop services. The IP address is only analysed for visits in which there is reasonable suspicion of an unauthorized access attempt or a unlawful act. A compilation of this data and personal data does not take place.

3. Collection, processing and use of personal data in the contractual relationship

The collection, processing and use of your personal data exclusively takes place to fulfill the existing or emerging contractual relationship between Boxenstop and the user. Boxenstop will use your personal data provided (such as name, address, account number, contact information) without your express solely for the fulfillment and execution of the contractual relationship.

A transfer of your data to third parties without your express consent does not occur. This does not include services (eg travel agencies, hotels, etc.), that Boxenstop uses to provide its Boxenstop services. As far as Boxenstop serves by external service providers for order data processing or providing technical services, these providers are obliged by contractual agreements to comply with the law of the BDSG. Boxenstop will ensure compliance with the regulations.

4. "Freundeskreis" - Friends of Boxenstop

You can sign up for the Boxenstop - "Freundeskreis" to use benefits related thereto. As part of registration, name, address, telephone, e-mail address and your account information are saved. The appropriate login and your password is stored for identification purposes o
n our website.

5. Security

Boxenstop secures your personal information through technical and organizational measures in accordance with statutory requirements in § 9 BDSG and the relevant Appendix. As far as Boxenstop serves to provide his services of external service providers, they are contractually obligated to comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act and particularly with § 9 BDSG. All user data are stored on servers in data centers in Germany.

6. Cookies

Boxenstop uses cookies to make the Boxenstop services more accessible, more effective and safer. Cookies do not damage your computer and do not contain viruses. The majority of cookies used by Boxenstop are "session cookies" that are required to 
present and use Boxenstop services correctly. These cookies are only valid for the duration of the session and are deleted automatically from your hard disk after the end of your visit to the Boxenstop services . Other cookies remain on your computer, so that we recognize the computer at your next visit to be able to submit specifically offers and services to you.

7. Right to Information, Contacts

Each user has the right of a cost-free information about the data stored at Boxenstop under his person or his user name. Please contact us under   or  by post to the address stated in the imprint so that we can help you.

8. Changes to the privacy policy, accessibility

Boxenstop reserves the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time if changes due to later discovery of gaps are required or if  in terms of Boxenstop services adaptions are necessary. Boxenstop will inform the user of any changes to this Privacy Policy in an appropriate manner.